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S.A. Cottex Pvt. Ltd. | Basmati Rice Exporter and Manufacturer in India.


S.A Cottex Pvt. Ltd.

We have 21 years experience globaly

S.A Cottex Pvt. Ltd. is a respected name serving the agro-products industry of India. We are an eminent manufacturer-supplier of top-quality agro-products like the Indian rice (steam basmati rice, brown basmati rice, golden sella rice, broken rice, boiled rice, and raw rice). Apart from rice, we also manufacture and supply the cotton bales, cotton seed cake, and cottonseed. All agro-products that are provided from our end have a high nutrition value and other multiple uses. Our teams obtain rice and cotton seed cakes directly from farms. Hence, all items reach you at the market-leading prices. Contact us now for purchasing various Indian rice and cotton seed cakes.

Supremacy Is Our Knack

At S.A Cottex Pvt. Ltd., all clients receive the best Indian rice and cotton seeds & bales. They are obtained from farms where no artificial fertilizers are used. In order to keep the rice in the best condition, our teams protect the crop from weeding. Due to the high nutritional value and other uses, our rice and cotton bales & seeds are widely preferred across Haryana.

  • Our products are priced nominally.
  • Only the fresh products are delivered to clients.
  • The payment can be made via electronic transfer.



We’re popular leader in agriculture market globally